November 11, 2011


before "the day" ends, i would like to write some some hahahaha #apaya

so today is 11 november 2011 or simply 11.11.11
which to (most) people are a very rare occasion. and most of them are wishing something good to be happened today.
including me.


maybe it sounds childish but heyyy theres nothing wrong with hoping, right?

and now is 11.11 pm, "the day" is almost over. so let me recap the "good thing" for today.

well.............................................not much i guess. hahahaha but according to my favorite quotation : "everyday may not be good, but there must be something good in everday"; therefore am gonna see the brightside.


my first good thing would be the chance to wake up in the morning, breath the oxygen, have this healthy body (and mind, maybe). all the basic things that i usually thank God in the morning.

and then i remember leaving home at 7am anddddd got the busway at 8am. how comeee. i was so afraid of being late. todays first lesson was an interesting one, called enzyme biotechnology, and if im late, i usually lose my interest for the rest of the lesson ahahahhaha

but THANK GOD i wasnt late for class. and thankyou brain for being so cooperative. hahahaha

after thaaaat. hmm. dealing with the little things, nothing much.

then the plant tissue culture lab. well it was fun too. the lab finished earlier than usual, and we gave this late-hardcore-surprise for orvin hahahaha well actually the boys. the girls were just watching and blablabla.

after that, sycantik and ceceh winarn dropped me and handys home yayness! hahahaha

last but not least, seeing my parents and unyo are the most-best thing for today hahahahaha

thanks 11.11.11 :D

oh. anyway. i remember something. something that awkwardly happened today. not to explain it in details, but its just about seeing someone and another someone which were awkward.


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