October 11, 2011

what do you think?

those who are deeply/crazily in love, speaking nonsense about the one they love, overthink things, and super aware of anyone near their love that may cause negative feelings.

and sometimes afterall, its just their insecurities acting up.


i say this because a few weeks/months ago, a good friend of mine, a male, out of a sudden told me that he thought, lets say A, was in love with his huge crush.

i was surprised because i didnt think that this A guy was like in love with his huge crush. i told him that there was no way A could be in love with his huge crush because there were no signals whatsoever that could make me, atleast, see theres something going on between A and his huge crush.

but my good friend was so in love that he said he was so sure that A was in love with his huge crush.

i knew i was speaking with someone who was deeeeeeply in love, and i said, "well we'll see whether A was in love with her or not."

aaaaaaaaaaand it turned out that A wasnt in anything with his huge crush. theyre just friend.


i say this because, maybe, just maybe, i am now one of them.

which them? you decide.

what do you think?

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