April 30, 2011


terlalu banyak pertanyaan.
terlalu lelah.
sehingga yang keluar hanya satu kata.


April 20, 2011


seriously, im on the highest level of laziness. i dont think anyone could be as lazy as me, even frederic wijaya

ive never been like this before, even when i was still in sanur. at least i still had a super little passion. but i dont have anykind of passion right now, except the passion for doing unnecessary things

this is the list of my tasks and my "plan" which, if i may forecast, will not be done in anyway.

1. DNA technology lab report : 16s
2. DNA technology lab report : transconjugation
3. DNA technology powerpoint : shotgun cloning
4. fungi tasks : individuals and groups
5. funglywood proposal
6. funglywood poster

and some to do list which i dont know why but never finished since last yearrrrr aaaaaa

my target is to finish all of them by next week. well today is wednesday, and tomorrow will be the white thursday, and then the good friday, and then comoes the easterrr

but the easter present from my university is : a 2week-mid test start from the very monday after easter for anyones sakeeeeee

usually, we have a holiday after one test, its like we have the test on monday, and usually the next test will be held on wednesday. BUT THIS TIME am gonna have like 4tests in a rowww

and the tests arent easy. and i havent completed my notes. and i still dont have any photocopies.

i am a dying student being -_____________________-