January 06, 2011


i think all of us, sometime, have to press the pause button

for me, that sometime means now. yes i am pressing my pause button. its not literally a pause in everything i do, but its a pause for some things that makes me kinda have blurry vision in my life.

looks like im exaggerating ya hahahahaa okay this "things" have been locked me in. so im pressing the pause button, so i can step outside, get some air, and remind me of who i am and who i wanna be.

i am stepping out now, to see how far ive come, what i shud do to reach my goals, what now and then, and this and that and so on. i am escaping myself from "things" called this, that, and the little things.

i dont know what else to say hahaahha this is another pointless post, but im sure you guys must have the "things" that make maybe a little or a lot of chaos in your life. my suggestion is, just get out from that "things".

only by that way, you will have a clearer view and a clearer mind to plan you steps ahead <3

later mates :DD

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