January 10, 2011

holiday plan

my freedom will be expired in 48days.
so in this 48-rare-days, i will have lots of relaxing activities.
im going to prepare myself to face the extreme 4th term with all the goals.
therefore am going to have a holiday plan.

err actually my holiday plan is a long-list that wont be described here hahahahah but the point is :
i am not going to let my left brain works. nyanyanyanya hahaahahhaha
i will spend lots of time with my friends especially the sanurians aaaaa miss the girls so so bad
i will upgrade my bedroom and all the things that have been planned
i will be thinner! hahahaahha thats the MAIN GOAL
i will try to make a savings, so i will say NO to unnecessary expenses

hahahahaha whats your holiday plan?

dearest ftb09, better make yourself relax before having the ultimate war uyeee #lebay

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