November 14, 2010

waths up?

halo halo. ive benn reconstructing my blog. lebay. ga deh cuma add and remove some some. well at least now, i know that every single element in my blog works normally.

and am so sorry about beeing so unstable days ago. now i know thats its bad to show your feelings when you, especially girls, are in your "LABIL MOOD". hahahahaha which, happens when you have your period.

well now im back to the original me hahahahaha and am having well lets say good times. inevitably, there must be bad times between the good times, either you want it or not, it just comes naturally. but i dont really paying attention to the bad things hahahahaha yes yes i know i shudnt be doing that.

hmm actually i care to the bad things, but i pretend not to so the bad things wont interrupt my good times. got it eh?

so, whats up me?

i am missing my girls so so so so so so so so baddddddddddddddddddd

its because a few days ago, i made a happy birthday video for the bestfriend who lives in uk now, named cindy. the video has been edited and if you want to watch it, you can watch it here for the part one and here for the part two.

in that video i saw the girls and realized that i miss them so much i cant standdddddddddddddd

theyre so grown up. feels like im the one who's left behind hahahahaahha.

cannot even find the right photos. let them be mysterious :bb

tiba tiba males. second third etc are going to be in single post. later. HAHAHAAHHA :3

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