November 27, 2010


its been a week since my last post
i have lost a few pounds and gains more that what it used to be #lebay

sorry for the lack of posts
this week has been a hectic week i dont know why
tasks everywhere like my dirty clothes
but the tasks is way more diritier

i have planned to write things here
but havent done yet

my pc is sucks
its because of my brother, positively
he uses the pc to play games
LOTS of games
i hate him so much now
because of him i cant use the internet peacefully

now i am absolutely bored to death #lebaylagi
i dont know what to do

its a lame saturday night
my boys out there with "the" friends

i dont enjoy this saturday nights
knowing what would happen tomorrow and next week
and the next week and the next week
until i can have my glorious hooliday

im home
but i cant use the inetrnet #ganyambung

i rele need to use a real connection to the world
and a real pc

am going to a warnet. seriously.

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