October 31, 2010


dear God,
please protect all of us especially in indonesia. bless mentawai and merapi victims, us, and bless all the places that may have earthquakes. we hope that no one will get hurt anymore. and please bless the moving ground plate so that it wont harm the places and other places so bad.

and also God,
please bless all the volcanos in indonesia : mount krakatau, mount papandayan, mount merapi and others. please tell them not to make so much dangerous activities.

lastly God,
please bless us all, indonesians, to realize that this natural disasters are made to make us realize that we should put away any kind of differences between us, humans. please make us realize that we have to unite in diversity, to keep each others save, and help each other no matter who or what they are.

i really hope that humans will realize Your plan behind all of this incidents in indonesia, so that we could see each other as brothers or sisters, so that we could bring up peace and unity throughout the world.

dear God,
You know im not really good at words, but i believe that You understand what i mean (:

thankyou God, amen.

pictures taken form here

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