August 13, 2010

a prayer from humans

Dear God,

thankyou for your bless among us, humans on this earth. please keep us safe and please help us to love each other as one big family. black people, white people, any kind of people, please unite us dear God. may all humans be united under the beautiful differences.

i also would like to ask for your blessing to this earth. please do not destroy this beautiful planet. wake us up so we can act now before its too late. please do not destroy us and please make us support each other. light up our hearts and minds so that we will not hurt each other.

Dear God,

please protect this earth and all the living organisms forever.

please God, we beg you

i hope all humans will have a brighter future with brighter minds and hearts in this standing-still-beautiful-earth.

you are our only hope. please God.


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