July 08, 2010


suddenly i miss my highschool

the great friends, great gossips, great foodsharing, and all the irreplaceable moments and memories.

plus the noncomparing scores. well lately i've been so sensitive about scores and all the screwed things. but back in my days scores didnt really matter. now in uni, theres this atmosphere where everyone is trying to be the best without thinking about the others feeling.

the crappest sentence is : aduh ip gue jelek banget jadi (misalnya) 3.9
while everybody else has much lower gpa than him or her.

those things actually happen while we were in our highschool, but now people like this are getting more and more

i really miss that old time. when scores didnt matter, and what matters are peoples feeling, friendship and the togetherness.

and thats why i can say that as we grow older, we become individualist ourselves. thats the scariest thing in the world, for me.

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