June 27, 2010

kuningan, cirebon, 12-23 juni 2010

a few weeks ago i went to kuningan, cirebon, west java for some pilgrimage event with my church. i didnt expect much, well actually i was a bit lazy joining this pilgrimage. but then i found all this beautiful views.

anyway, i travelled anywhere with this comfortable sandals (:

and along the way, i found some beautiful flowers

this looks nasty eh? but it tasted really delicious. its fried banana. sale pisang actually hahahaha

the little green path reminded me of the live in moments with all the sanurians (':

clear view of mountain and all the greeny fields. will you ever find them in a city like jakarta?

can you see the endless horizon?

i have a story about this little guy. he's the cutest boy i've ever seen hahahaha and guess what, his name is VANESS, its because his mom liked vaness wu from F4, if you still remember, when this little boy was born. HAHAHAHAHA funny eh?

last but not least, the super clear view of the blue sky with white clouds, can you find them in jakarta? well this place have the widest sky i've ever seen, and its beautiful

oh i forgot to tell you. we used this royal platinum bus from adi nugroho. the bus was so comfy and nice. the ac was cold, and it was so great. we watched tom and jerry along the way hahaahha the newest one i think

the bus of gaul

God made this earth beautiful. do we want to destroy it? keep our planet clean and healthy so that it will exist forever and ever (:

later mates :B

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