May 23, 2010


now im gonna confess about my disease since i've been stated that the virus is no longer active (:

i was attacked by this virus named Varisela zoster. my doctor said that it was actually a chicken pox virus. she said that once you'e had a chicken pox disease, when youre healed, the virus isnt really gone. theyre still in your body somewhere. when your stamina is significantly dropping, this virus may be active again and give you this secondary infection : herpes. mine is called herpes zoster (babiks is right hahahahahah). i dont know whats the difference between herpes zoster and herpes simplex but my doctor sin that mine is herpes zoster.

herpes zozter usually happens on adults, like to those who are 50-60 years old. herpes zoster on teenangers is rarely happens, but they still have chances to occur.

hmm what else. oh and like chicken pox, herpes zozter also has wet phase and dry phase. wet phase is when the virus is really active and can transfer to other people through the air, while the dry phase is when the virus is nonactive and the patient is on its way to be healhty.

my wet phase is on thursday - tuesday hahahahahahah its when my friends play with me A LOT without knowing that im on my wet phase. well i dont know either hahahahahaha and the dry phase started on the nest thursday, until now.

so when yosep and friends are calling me kustavaliza, T..T, yes i know they are super mean luckily im a big-hearted person hahahahahahahah. when they called me kustavaliza, the virus cant transfer to anyone and im actually is healthy hahahaahhahaha

yesterday i went to the doctor to have the control over this virus development and she stated that im okay, no virus is active, im good and healthy.

soooooo great.

but this marks, the brownish-black marks, will eb gone in maybe 7days, after that i have to use another salve to leave out the marks

i dont consume those medicine. i have new medicine called synbio and acyfote haahhahaha for the next 1 month i have to eat this 3pills every day.

it costs about around 600rb rupiahs for me to be healed from this virus. so people, just be healthy. eat well sleep well work well play well. everythings need to be in balance (:

and im supposed to make my report by now. but hmm. later will be okay i guess hahahaaahha am gonna take a bath and am going to shop for some foods hahahahahaha later mates

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