April 27, 2010

wake up!

well now, i just want to share my thoughts, feelings, ideas, and so on. hope you enjoy this

recently ive been having this kind of bad feeling. i dont know why but i guess its because some of the last movies that i've watched.

those two films had almost the same scene-setting : its like the end of the world.
and seriously they had bad impact on me. they made me think a lot about the condition of the earth right now. they made me ask : will the world be like that? when will it happen?

GOD i hope it will never ever be happen on this earth, i beg You ):

thus, they also somehow bring me nightmares. okay it may sound a little bit too over but a few days ago, i had weird dreams and bad dreams. one of the bad dream that i remember is that in my dream, there were me, my boyf, his friend (tabu), my dad, mom, siblings and so on i cant remember. it was so dark, i guess it was late at night, and my boyf, tabu and i were going home by car. and suddenly there were two motorcycles driving fast at both sides of the cars, trying to hunt us down, they wore like a group jacket or so on i cant remember exactly.

and the next part was that we (my family, my siblings and i) were in my haouse. my daddy had made a bunker (sort of) and when the night came, we have to hide in that bunker so that no one will find us and we'll be save by the morning. but when the motorcycles had already arrived in front of our house and while we were going to jump into the bunker, the bunker is closed like it had never been there before.

then i woke up.

IT WAS REALLY REALLY REALLY SCARY i cant imagine if it comes true.

i've once heard that if you tell your dreams to others, than your dreams wont come true. thats why im telling you guys who are reading this, in order to make my bad dreams not to come true.

and please to all of you. be nice to the aerth, and to other poeple. we never know what will happen, and i dont want this beautiful world to cone to an end. and im sure you guys do too.

therefore im begging you guys to do the "HEAL THE WORLD MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE"

turn off all the unused things in your house, office.

save the earth, save the future.

xoxo, i love you all <3

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