April 06, 2010


i (sometimes) hate being me.

i hate being too-into someones mind about me. have you guys ever felt the same like mine?

it tortures me from the inside and it really hurts more than anything. people said that when you cant express your feelings, thats the worst moment of your life. like really, i mean yes i have experienced it somehow.

i'll be looking just fine from the outside, but cracking from the inside. its just like you always have these bad or negative thoughts when you overthink about someones mind or opinion about you, and i really mean it when i say always like really always, almost everysecond maybe.

i know that everyone in this world must have the good side and bad side. nobodys perfect. even if you said or done something good or bad, people still have something to say about you, either they want to knock you down or maybe appreciate you or whatsoever. its like

"Whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something negative to say" (twiquoations 2010)

and i know i have bad sides too, its like being too exaggerating, too talkative, too loud. in simple-bahasa-word: LEBAY.
i know that not everyone can accept me this way, i know it really well and im trying to decrease the intense of being those too too. therefore i need your help in this kind of situation like if you dont like me talkin too much or too loud, just tell.

so, what im trying to say here, is that, to you whoever are reading this, i want you guys to tell me the truth. like if you dont like me on anything, please please please just tell me. dont do unusual acts like making distance, ignoring me, or so on. everyone deserves explanation.

i accept critics, i really do. those critics will build me to be a better person. i see it as a positive result on me so please do so, please tell me if you dont like me, straight to my face, dont talk behind my back, it'll make me a-little-bit-almost-hate you. and please, dont stay silent, just talk. from the conversation we made, im sure we'll find a good conclusion which is hopefully will do good for the both of us

lots of <3,
anavaliza atmadja

anyway this isnt about darryl antonius naba hahaahahah you dont be so ge er yaa hahahahaha i trust you, youre a kind person (: thankyou for everythingggg :DD

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