January 31, 2010

another wedding invitations

remember my post about wedding invitation? well i am so curious to see another kind of these wedding invitaion videos, so i searched for them in vimeo, and these are some of my favourite. enjooy :D

Wedding Invitation from Lee Tallod on Vimeo.

this one is russian couples
warnung : after 03:25 the video will show you abt their preparation to make this video.

Wedding Invitation from dimalozz on Vimeo.

this one video is sooooooooo funny hahahahahahahahah dua duanya sama sama lebay jangan jangan entar gue juga kea gini undangannya mhauhauhauhauhuahauhauhah

The Invite from Ty Migota on Vimeo.

i looooooooove them videos <3

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