December 24, 2009

andriani putri

well. no offense in making this one post.

i opened my facebook account. in the home section i found this one photo album, freshly uploaded, consists of my juniors photos while they were going to snow bay. then this kepo instinct come up hhahahahah so i decided to take a look at their photos.

then i saw my junior named ANDRIANI PUTRI hahahahahah in some of the photos.

i can say that she's a unique junior of mine. haahhahaha. she is smart, genorous, wholeheartedly kind, guess i can say she has all what the girls want in the world, especially this unique face, as unique as her personality.

she can be like reaalllly reeeaaaalllyy beautiful in both ways : abnormal ways,

and normal ways,

hahahahahahahah nd in my opinion, this is what people should call BEAUTY. for me, beauty is when she is beautiful in anykind of situation. she doesnt have to put any make ups on or style at all, just be ordinary and yes, she is still beautiful.

so theres the real beauty. and until now, this one my junior is the mostest beautifulest girl i've ever seen hahahahah lebay i mean the only girl that i think is beautiful is this one (:

*ulang tahunnya udah lewat deh -_____________________-
selamat ulang tahun ke 17tahun 7bulan 5hari :D

consider this as my birthday present hahahahah i heart youuu :B

anyway i like this one hahahahahahha

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