October 11, 2009

sunday noon rain is not falling

judulnya jayus ya hahahahahah weeeelll this gon be one of my random-post

today is sunday, nd am gonna have biotech test on wednesday. it means that am gonna have a monday-tuesday-holiday. knowing that i still have a 2day-off makes me laaaazy to study hahahahah

yes im a last minute person err -_____________-

but im planning to study well atleast read those handouts starts tonight eh? just, wish me luck hahahahahahahha

what random things am i gonna say this time?

first one, this is my recent lover :

named gabe bondoc wahahahahha i knew him from my bestcottonbud, mereditha dyah kristianti. she showed me on of his video. nd i likey it sooooo much yaaaay im melting when i saw his videooo wahahahahahah

hyperventilating, yes. and click here if you want to see the video that i saw ((:

oh and his songs has been my lately-themesong wahahahahahahahhaha err i put it on my blog. shud be autoplay. can you hear it? mehehheh its down there, underneath the stuck in the trafficjam space.

then. err sometimes i wish i were a model hahahahahhahhah lately, i love seeing photos of international models wahahahahah its nice seeing them with great outfits and great faces and great photographs yaaaaaayy

maybe because of this, im starting to love fashion blogs, fashion photos like these

somehow wants to be a pro-achitect.

seeing this kind of architecture, dont you want to be a great architect? yahahahahahaahh

oh oh oh and i also wanna have bedroom like these

photography, me always lovey it hahahahha no need to tell.

pictures taken from here, here, and here,

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